1983 Park Home Agreement

If the park owner does not make a written declaration, none of the conditions of this declaration can be applied to the occupant. For this reason, it is important that when a website owner learns that a user does not have a written statement, they make one available to the occupant as soon as possible. We recommend using the new industrial form of written declaration approved by the NPHC and the BH &HPA. If the seller does not follow this procedure and sells the house without notifying the site owner, or does not inform him at least 28 days in advance, it is likely that the assignment to the buyer is not valid. Annex I, Part I, of the Act contains implicit legal provisions applicable to any mobile telephony contract. Section 8 of the Annex provides that a user `shall be entitled to sell the mobile home and assign the contract to a person authorised by the owner of the [site] whose authorisation cannot be inappropriately refused` and `If the user sells the mobile home and the contract is cancelled`. the owner is entitled to a commission for the sale at a rate that does not exceed the rate that may be fixed in an order of the Secretary of State.┬áThe construction concession conditions are included in the 2008 model standard for caravan pitches. However, you should be sure to read the following download in full, as your city council might see the need to tailor something to these conditions in order to better fit a particular park. iii. In both cases, the owner of the land must move the house to a “widely comparable” parking space.

There are no instructions in the law as to what this means. However, the clear meaning is that the alternative parking space must be at least as large as the old parking space and must be comparable in its facilities and amenities. Indeed, the proposed new pitch must be at least as good as the old one, considering all the things. Please note park homes` fact sheet prepared by the Department for Communities and Local Government, which details these implied terms in accordance with Schedule 1 of the 1983 Act, subject to changes made by the Mobile Homes Act 2013. When a mobile home is purchased by an existing user, the existing agreement between the seller and the site owner is assigned to the new owner. The seller must complete a “Buyer Information Form” and provide a copy of their own agreement and written statement at least 28 days before the conclusion of the sale of the house and the assignment of the contract. The buyer may agree in writing to receive this information less than 28 days before completion. The law does not give executors of wills or any of the beneficiaries the right to settle or live there, unless the owner of the site expressly agrees to it.

Nor can the beneficiary transfer the house to a member of his family without the agreement of the owner of the land or transfer the agreement. Paragraph 19 states that the owner of the park must not pass on the costs resulting from an extension of the park – it is considered that this means a literal extension, such as.B. the extension or modification of the park to accommodate a greater number of houses. . . .