Ata Collective Agreement Local 38

The parties intend to resolve disputes arising from the application of this agreement through the intervention of a single arbitrator whose costs are jointly borne by both parties, the ATA and the CBE. The arbitrator is jointly selected by the ATA and the CBE within three (3) working days following the dispute, and the arbitrator decides within seven (7) working days following the acceptance of the assignment. The parties above agree that, subject to ratification, this is a mutual agreement between the parties: the Committee will not deal with issues of interpretation or claim, or changes to the collective agreement or other issues that will be properly left to the normal collective bargaining procedure. No agreement, decision or action of the committee can be construed by any party as an interpretation or amendment to this agreement. The Chairman, the Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee and another local official, appointed by the local member, receive a salary applicable from the board of directors in accordance with the collective agreement and are subject to its provisions. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this collective agreement, the Local may set a higher salary or remuneration, which is communicated to the staff administration for payment. The local reimburses the Board of Directors for all salaries and allowances paid under this provision for periods that the Board of Directors may require. The higher salaries and allowances paid under this provision do not turn in a red circle. CONSIDERING that this agreement is made in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta, as amended from time to time, including, but not limited to, the School Act, the Alberta Human Rights Act and the Labour Relations Code.

The Council will commit to establishing a list of senior systems for all teachers who are covered by this collective agreement. A copy will be given to the local. On request, individual teachers receive a list of the cumulative system service unit (years plus months). Teachers are expected to verify the veracity of these statements. The Board of Directors and the association agree that the EI premium reduction was divided, in accordance with the provisions of section 69 of the Employment Insurance Act, by the application of the proportion of employees in savings to offset the cost of other benefits contained in that agreement. Red circles mean maintaining teachers` salaries and allowances before restructuring until teachers` salaries and allowances applicable under the collective agreement exceed the amount sealed in red or the expiry date of three (3) years, depending on what happens in the first place. Subject to the provisions of this agreement, the Council contributes 100% of the cost of premiums for the following benefit plans: The following agreements are in PDF format.