Bfe Agreement

After entering the retro-fit market with highly individualised seats, entering the SFOE catalogue is the next logical step on ZIM FLUGSITZ`s way forward. “To satisfy our customers for their entire fleet of aircraft, we must deliver any type of aircraft, regardless of the size or age of the aircraft.” Angelika Zimmermann, president of the company, said. The location of the new plant near Hamburg allows ZIM FLUGSITZ to support airbus` assembly line in Germany and deliver it to each selected assembly site. For Frank Parsch, Chief Commercial Officer of ZIM FLUGSITZ, this agreement is an important step towards the expansion and implementation of ZIM FLUGSITZ products in innovative new aircraft. It shows confidence in the German SME. Close monitoring of SFOE suppliers is necessary to ensure timely dates on dock (ODD) and minimal delays in the delivery of the aircraft. An estimate of the total price of Buyer Furnished Equipment (SFOE) items, which have been changed to Seller Purchased Equipment (PSE) in accordance with the detailed specifications, is included in the pricing of optional aircraft. A regional tide is a 1% probability of being reached or exceeded in a given year, and if presented on the FIRM, the RFE corresponds to the SFOE. The opposite of SFE is buyer-furnished equipment (OFEN), purchased by the buyer and handed over to the aircraft manufacturer for installation prior to delivery by the manufacturer.

The SFOE includes preferred on-board kitchen equipment (e.g.B. ovens). In many cases, the aircraft is designed to accommodate the SFOE during the first engineering phase. A common type of LORM, a LOMR-F, is to determine whether a structure or plot has been raised by filling through the OFCE and is therefore excluded from the SFHA. ZiMunique, ZIMflexible, ZIMmagic and ZIMluxury will be added this summer to the AIRBUS SFOE catalogue and will be gradually admitted for the A380, A330 and A320 families. Tim Sommer, VP Seats and Electronics Procurement Cabin: “In 2012, the relationship began with an integration of AIRBUS VIP seats. 5 years later, we are delighted to announce that ZIM seats will be visible in Airbus` catalog for potential future customer applications on the A320 and A330 families, the A380 and even in the future for the A350 XWB. .

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