Bobcat Promise Agreement

. Yes, yes. Students who participate in the spring will be rewarded under the Bobcat Promise guidelines. FAFSA and all necessary documents (for example. B application for authorisation) must be completed by March 15. Disclaimer – In accordance with NCAA rules, current and future student-athletes are awarded on an individual basis. In some cases, some forms of financial support (for example. B those offered by Bobcat`s promise) cannot be awarded or accepted to a student-athlete. They must also meet the requirements for satisfactory academic progress that apply to all financial support programs of the federal government, the federal states and institutions. “Nearly half of our students are first-generation students, and our demographics reflect the state of Texas,” said President Trauth. “This reflects our commitment to educating the next generation of executives in Texas and providing quality education, regardless of a student`s financial resources.” If you qualify for the Bobcat promise of your first year, but the AGI exceeds $50,000 the following year, you will not qualify for Bobcat`s promise this year. Regardless of that, you are invited to apply for financial assistance each year. If your situation changes one year and the AGI is $50,000 or less, you can receive Bobcat`s promise this year.

Subsidies are awarded on the basis of financial need and should not be repaid. UC Merced Student Scholarship Programs and Continuing Education are awarded annually. “The Bobcat Promise program promotes access and opportunity for students to succeed and achieve their higher educational goals in the state of Texas, regardless of financial barriers,” said Stephanie Lopez, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Students who meet the eligibility criteria are identified by the Texas State Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. If you do not meet your service obligation, all TEACH grant funds you have received will be converted to non-subsidized direct loans. You must then repay this loan to the U.S. Department of Education, with interest that is calculated from the date the TEACH grant is paid (paid to you or on your behalf). To improve access to higher education, Texas State University is proposing the Bobcat Promise. This program guarantees free classes and mandatory fees for 15 hours of credit per semester for new entrants with adjusted gross income for the family of up to $50,000. The amount awarded under this program is tuition and fees that are reflected in the participation fees of Texas residents, and any distinction or combination of rewards must not exceed proven needs.