Separation Agreement Nova Scotia Template

S.52 of the Child Maintenance and Custody Act also authorizes the registration of an agreement with the court with results leading to an agreement with the effect of an order. However, the Tribunal is entitled to consider the merits of an agreement at the time of its registration and may change its conditions prior to registration. You do not need a lawyer to enter into a separation agreement. But it`s a good idea to get your own legal advice before signing one. For example, a lawyer can help you understand your rights and obligations to your children and your partner, as well as the rules your agreement must follow to make them legal. If you apply to register your separation agreement, a judge will verify the agreement. You don`t have to visit the court for this – the judge will check the agreement in their office, and decide if they allow registration. If the judge authorizes registration, it means that your separation agreement is now a court order. Once this happens, if you want to change the agreement in the future, you should contact the court to do so. Just because you and your spouse agree to a certain child custody agreement does not mean that the court must agree. The court must confirm that all child custody agreements in your agreement are in accordance with federal child care guidelines.

These guidelines are the guidelines that determine the amount of child care to be paid. If the judge is not satisfied that your agreements comply with the guidelines, your separation agreement cannot be approved for registration with the court. Be very careful with a proposed separation agreement that you find online or buy in a store. Admission of your contract to the court does not automatically mean that it is registered – that is the judge`s decision. The date of separation is the date on which one or both spouses decide not to live together as a spouse. Sometimes it is also the date on which one of the spouses moves, but the spouses can be separated and live together. If you register your separation agreement with the court, it means that you can now receive all payments for child or spout assistance through the maintenance application program. In entering into a separation agreement, each spouse has the same rights and obligations, as if the terms of the separation agreement had been ordered by a court. If you are concerned that your spouse may not fulfill some of the obligations under the separation agreement, the agreement may be submitted to the Family Responsibility Office.

In this way, your agreement can be applied at no cost to you, in accordance with the Family Responsibility and Support Rerears Enforcement Act. This office is funded by the Ontario government and has significant powers to enforce aid under the agreement. You can also file the agreement with the court under the Family Act. For more information on filing your separation contract, visit the Family Responsibility Office or your local courthouse. A separation agreement is a written contract between you and your spouse to live separately under certain conditions, which usually includes sections on education agreements, support issues and the sharing of property, property and liabilities.