Stock Pledge Agreement Sample

2. Guarantees and guarantees of guarantees. Pledgor assures and guarantees the company that Pledgor has a good title (both in design and utility) of security, free and free from claims, commitments, interest in security, warranty, pledges or charges of all kinds, and that Pledgor has the right to guarantee and grant the company the interest in the security of the security granted under this agreement. Pledgor also agrees that until all monies liability under the disclosure are fully paid and all of the buyer`s obligations under the pawning agreement are fulfilled, the purchaser will not grant or create or attempt to sell, transfer or transfer the security without the company`s prior written consent (i). all interests in security, pledges, pledges, rights or any other charge relating to any of the security or (iii) suffer or allow to continue on one of the securitys during the duration of the contract of pledge, seizure, surrender, execution or legal guarantee. 1. creating security interests. In accordance with the provisions of the California Commercial Code, Pledgor hereafter grants subsidies to the company, and the entity hereafter accepts a primary security interest for (i) the shares, (ii) all dividends (as defined in point 5 of these provisions) and (iii) of all additional securities (as defined in Section 6) and (iv) of these additional guarantees , if applicable, to ensure payment of the note and the performance of all Of Pledgor`s obligations under this guarantee agreement. Pledgor heres all this delivers to Common Stock Zertifikat (s) No (s). which represents all shares with one or more stock powers for each certificate provided in the form attached to the sales contract and executed in due form by the pledgor and pledgor spouses (with the date and number of empty shares). For the purposes of this guarantee agreement, shares, all dividends, all additional guarantees and additional guarantees are collectively referred to as “collateral.” Pledgor agrees that the security is filed and held with the trust holder (as defined in the sales contract) and that, notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the sales contract, Escrow Holder acts exclusively for the company as a enforcement companion for the performance of the provisions of the trading contract.