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Questions about the terms of use should be asked at the connect@teramerauska.com Pooja Bhatt blasts Censor Board Pooja Bhatt is upset by the Censorship Council for issuing an A-certificate for their highly anticipated film Jism 2, starring Sunny Leone. The first musical promo for Jism 2 received an A certificate. And that`s what you might call a really watered-down version. So the agreement is that you can`t buy TV spots for a promo with an “A” certificate, which actually means you can`t publish your music! The actor`s director said. However, the actress refused to stick to the censorship authority and decided to publish the promo on the internet instead. Am I going to lower the Jism 2 promo to appease the censors? Or publish it on the Internet and advance a rather disinfected song on television? Absolutely refuse to pare my trailer intended to move to a censor board too careful. “I`m going to publish the promo on the Internet instead,” she added. The first promo of the film will be released on June 29. So we decided to throw all caution in the wind and we are moving forward and publishing our first musical promo on June 29, as expected, on the Internet. Glad that T-Series in absolute agreement with us regarding the non-publication of the watered down versions of Jism 2 Trailer on TV!, she continued. The film has six songs. HRM Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing or using our website. By accessing or using part of the site, you accept these terms of use.

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