Trust Agreement In Arabic

FOR-OVER WILL A will that leaves some or all property to a trust created before the death of the will maker. IRREVOCABLE TRUST A position of trust that grantor must not revoke after its creation. EMBEZZLE In order to deliberately take or transform the money or property of someone other than the offender has first acquired legally, because of an office, a job or a position of trust. CONTRAT A legally binding agreement between two or more competent parties, orally or in writing. Source: SUPPORT TRUST A fiduciary company that orders the agent to spend the income and capital (assets held in the trust) only necessary to assist the beneficiary. ESCROW Money or a written instrument, such as an act agreed by two parties by a neutral third party (held in trust) until all the terms of the agreement are met. TRUST AGREEMENT OR DECLARATION The legal document that creates a living position of trust. Will trusts are created in a will. ISSUE 1) The point at issue in a disagreement between the parties in a legal action. 2) to send officially, as in an order to be placed. ACCORD AND SATISFACTION A method for fulfilling a right to the permission of the parties to give and accept something for the settlement of the law. BENEFICIARY Someone who has been designated to obtain property or benefits in a will. In a trust, a person who must get benefits from the Treuhand.

PROSTITUTION The benefit or agreement to perform a sexual act for rent. DISSENT oppose it. A notice of appeal that sets out the minority opinion and outlines the disagreement of one or more judges with the majority`s decision. TRUST A legal body for the management of real or personal property set up by one person (the granted or the settlor) for the benefit of another person (the beneficiary). A third person (the agent) or grantor manages the Treuhand. ACCORD Mutual understanding and intent between two or more parties. The writing or instrument, which is proof of an agreement. (Although the agreement is often used as a synonym for a contract, the agreement is a broader clause.) SPENDTHRIFT TRUST A fiduciary company created for the good of a person whom Grantor believes would not be able to manage his or her own financial affairs. CONSPIRACY An arrangement of two or more persons to commit an illegal act in criminal law, Conspiracy is a separate offence from the offence that is the subject of conspiracy. SETTLEMENT An agreement between the parties that prescribes what is received from one party to another. FiduciARY A person who has a legal trust relationship with another person and who is required to act in the first place for others. B, for example, a guardian, agent or executor.

TRUSTEE The person or institution that manages the property is trusted.