Security Cooperation Agreement With Saudi Arabia

“We are also in the process of concluding security cooperation agreements and cooperation in the defense industry and we have also agreed to set up a comprehensive security dialogue mechanism between the two countries,” he said. He said: “India has excellent bilateral relations with all countries in the region, and a very large Indian diaspora of over 8 million people lives in the region. A dialogue process that promotes the participation of all stakeholders is important for bringing peace and security to this very important region. The Saudi-led coalition supports the legitimate Yemeni government and defends its territory against Houthi rebel attacks on civilian targets. The United States continues to cooperate with the Saudi-led coalition to minimize civilian casualties in this conflict. The Saudi government is taking steps to improve its targeting processes and has also put in place mechanisms to investigate and, where appropriate, operationally address suspected incidents of civilian casualties. On the agreement on the Strategic Partnership Council to be signed during this visit, he said, “a new era of cross-sectoral cooperation will open. Our relations in different dimensions, such as trade, investment, security and defence cooperation, are robust and deep and will only intensify. “India is known for its first-class capacity building centers and many initiatives are being taken to train Saudi youth in different fields. We are also discussing mutual cooperation in the field of space research. The United States has $126.6 billion in active government sales with Saudi Arabia under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) system.

Since signing the $110 billion commitment to modernize Saudi forces in May 2017, we have achieved an increase in FMS and DCS cases. To date, this initiative has resulted in more than $27 billion in FMS implemented. Backed by U.S. security cooperation efforts, the kingdom has foiled numerous terrorist attacks against Saudi and foreign targets and has succeeded in deterting outside attacks. The United States remains committed to providing Saudi forces with the equipment, training, and support necessary to protect Saudi Arabia and the region from the destabilizing effects of terrorism, the fight against Iranian influence, and other threats. To that end, the United States will continue to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to improve training in special operations and counterterrorism forces, integrate air and missile defense systems, strengthen cyber defense, and enhance maritime security. The United States and Saudi Arabia are working together to achieve the common goal of a stable, secure, and prosperous Middle East. Saudi Arabia is an important U.S.

partner in a wide range of regional security issues and a founding member of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. Saudi Arabia hosted the inaugural conference in Jeddah in September 2014, adopted and continues to impose harsh criminal sanctions on those who facilitate terrorism or travel to fight in foreign conflicts, and has made several statements against ISIS/Daesh as “Islam`s Number 1 Enemy.” Saudi Arabia is also leading the coalition`s efforts to disrupt ISIS`s financial and moderation networks and build the capacity of coalition members to identify and address these networks by strengthening information exchange and developing structural measures to combat illegal financial flows. . . .