Westlake Financial Services Dealer Agreement

“Our two largest customer groups are car dealers and buyers, and with e-contracts, we can better serve both,” said Casey Harmon, senior vice president of business development at Westlake. “The DealerCenter eContracting solution is a more efficient and accurate process for our dealer network, and we believe customers will appreciate simplicity.” “We are pleased that Westlake Financial Services has acquired Dealertrack Accelerated Title,” said Kaitlin Gavin, Vice President and General Manager of Dealertrack Registration and Title Solutions. “Our goal is to further increase efficiency and accelerate the financing and title process for merchants by working with credit partners who share our commitment to maximizing efficiency and profitability. » Speed up your financing time and move away from the error-prone approach of manual entry. Merchants who enter into an electronic contract with Westlake often see a whole day of money faster once the deal package is concluded. With eContracting, merchants can also ensure that they have registered the correct signatures, forms and business documents. Westlake accepts eContracts for all agreements, regardless of credit type, via Route One® and DealerCenter®. Merchants who submit requests via dealertrack® can use DealerCenter® eContracting simply by warming up the agreement. Lauren Barnard, Director of Commercial Real Estate Loans, said: “This is an exciting new division for the company; We look forward to providing auto dealers across the country with much-needed financing solutions that will help them get the leverage they need to grow their business more than ever.” » Inventory financing, portfolio purchase through Westlake Portfolio Management, consumer leads and a wide range of high-quality pension inventories help traders work with lower costs, more revenue and higher profits! As a private, internet-based finance company specializing in the acquisition and maintenance of installment contracts for the at-risk auto trade, Westlake Financial Services has combined eAsset® management technology from eOriginal with DealerCenter, a leading dealer management system, and a loan submission platform for independent dealers in the United States.

About DealertrackDealertrack offers state-of-the-art software solutions that give dealers and lenders the confidence to succeed in an ever-changing automotive market. The company`s integrated suite of powerful but easy-to-use products helps merchants and their credit partners grow through efficiency and decision-making. Dealertrack is part of the Cox Automotive family, a company that is changing the way the world buys, sells, owns and uses cars. Dealertrack – with its unparalleled network of dealers and credit partners – enhances the car buying experience by beautifying the technologies that will shape the future of automotive retail. .